Construction Projects

Construction is provided by Bob Moore Construction, a top construction company in Texas. Bob Moore Construction company has delivered a wide range of commercial buildings. In this section of the website you will find dozens of examples of quality commercial construction projects in the categories of call centers, data centers, distribution centers, flex tech buildings, interiors and finish-outs, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, retails stores and warehouses.

Call Centers
Bob Moore Construction has been the construction company for several call centers and multi-use buildings with call center operations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and in Houston and San Antonio, Texas. One recent multi-use building construction project was theKCI Development Lab and Call Center, which housed distribution center, manufacturing, call center and office operations.

Data Centers
As one of the major construction management companies in Texas, Bob Moore Construction has demonstrated its expertise in various data center projects, including theBlockbuster Data Center / Distribution Center, which required stringent environmental control and infrastructure capabilities, and incorporated office and warehousing functions as well.

Distribution Centers
Bob Moore Construction has a long, successful history with the construction of distribution centers. Many of our distribution centers include the most modern technological innovations, including advanced inventory control and conveyor systems, and are built to exacting health and safety standards necessary for the storage and handling of perishable foods. We have built this type of facility throughout Texas and all across the United States. The company has received numerous honors for their distribution center construction, including theAGC Summit Award for Excellence in Industrial / Warehouse Construction for the historic CargoCentre™ III and AirFreight & LogisticsCentres™ Complex.

Flex Tech Buildings
A comparitively new type of commercial building, a flex / tech construction project requires the construction company to have knowledge of and experience with many different types of buildings. Bob Moore Construction's diverse experience with warehouses, office buildings, distribution centers, call centers and other types of facilities has allowed them to build numerous highly successful flex / tech buildings like theLegacy IV Buildings in Plano, Texas.

Interiors and Finish-outs
Bob Moore Construction has delivered quality interiors and finish-outs from coast to coast. Theaward-winningLonghorn Harley-Davidson in Grand Prairie, Texas featured a rustic design, with painted floors, distressed corrugated metal and 100 year-old wood. Projects likeBest Buy in Mansfield Texas demanded consistency and strict adherence to the companies' design standards and delivery schedules for their properties. In each case Bob Moore Construction delivered the interior finish-out the tenants required to present exactly the right look for their building's interior.

Manufacturing Buildings
Bob Moore Construction has constructed manufacturing buildings for everything from food to missile systems.Leo's Foods in Fort Worth, Texas conforms to Health Department and USFDA specifications and produces 30,000 tortillas per hour.LTV Corp in Grand Prairie, Texas presented entirely different challenges for their missile system manufacturing building, which required extensive security standards as well as a highly automated work environment. A testament to the quality of the construction company's service, Leo's Foods and LTV Corp have both returned to Bob Moore Construction for expansion and new building construction projects.

Office Buildings
The term "office building" covers a wide range of commercial facilities. In many cases, these buildings serve as corporate or regional headquarters - like the CIGNA facility in Denison, Texas. These buildings require a polished, professional finish-out to ensure they present the right image for the tenant. In other cases, the offices are built into the same structure as other functions, as in the case of the theMouser Electronics expansion in Mansfield, Texas, which received theOutstanding Construction Award from the Texas Building Branch - AGC. Regardless the type of administrative building needed, Bob Moore Construction has decades of experience in building office construction projects.

Retail Stores
Bob Moore Construction has delivered quality retail buildings and finish-outs for many years, from two 25,000 SF buildings forNorthern Tool and Equipment in Lewisville, Texas toten Garden Ridge stores in four states - more than one quarter of all Garden Ridge retail locations in the United States were built by Bob Moore Construction. A mark of distinction for retail buildings, Bob Moore Construction has received numerous honors, including theBest Of Award fromTexas Construction Magazine for Sports / Entertainment Facility Construction for theCinemark USA Movie Theater project in Mansfield, Texas.

Warehouse construction has been a staple of Bob Moore Construction's project showcase for more than 60 years. Warehouses used to be fairly straight-forward construction projects, but their design now involves new advancements in environmental controls, clean standards, inventory control and other types of automation. In recognition of Bob Moore Construction's expertise in industrial and warehouse construction, the company was selected as theAGC General Contractor of the Year and other honors, including the AGC Merit Award for Excellence in Industrial / Warehouse Construction for thePioneer 360 Business Center in Arlington, Texas.


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