Tilt-up Concrete Construction

What is Tilt-up Concrete Construction?

Tilt-up concrete construction is a proven method for building a wide variety of commercial and industrial structures with speed, safety and construction cost benefits.

In traditional forms of wall construction, the walls can be built with CMU blocks or blocks faced with brick. For some types of buildings, the exterior wall is made up of structural steel columns with heavy gauge metal studs covered with gyp sheathing, which is then faced with brick or stucco. Regardless which traditional approach is used, building the exterior walls is a time-consuming, multi-stepped process.

Tilt-up construction (also called tiltwall or tilt wall construction) employs a different approach. A tilt-up building's walls are created horizontally as large slabs of concrete called panels. The panels are then lifted, or tilted up, into position around the building's slab. This means the tilt-up structure's exterior wall is virtually finished when it is tilted into place.

Tilt-up Construction in Today's Construction Market

Tilt-up construction has a long history, but its widespread use is a relatively new phenomenon. In spite of this, tilt-up construction is fast becoming the method of choice for constructing modern warehouses, call centers, distribution centers, retail stores, office and storage buildings and other types of industrial and commercial facilities.

Tiltwall construction has since been used in buildings as large as 1.7 million square feet, with individual panels reaching as high as 91 feet and weighing 150 tons. The Tilt-up Concrete Association reports that 15% of all industrial buildings in the U.S. were created using tilt-up construction. It is growing at an annual rate of almost 20% and is used in over 650 million square feet of new building construction each year. In Texas and other sunbelt states, tilt-up accounts for as much as 75% of new one-story commercial building construction. General contractors, design build contractors and builders in Mexico, Canada and Australia are also using tiltwall construction on an increasingly frequent basis.

Tilt-up Construction and Bob Moore Construction Company

Tilt-up construction has been a key component of Bob Moore Construction company's philosophy of delivering quality buildings, on time and in budget, since the 1970s. The company has been a pioneer in tiltwall construction for over 30 years, with more than a half-century of experience in traditional construction and steel buildings. Over the years, the company has built several million square feet of quality buildings using tilt-up. Bob Moore Construction company has used tiltwall construction for a wide range of applications, including office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, distribution centers, call centers, manufacturing facilities and other commercial / industrial structures.

The construction company's Executive Vice President, Ed McGuire, has served as Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Tilt-up Concrete Association and a consulting member of the American Concrete Institute Committee 301 - Specifications for Concrete group. He was a founding member of the educational committee on Tilt-up Construction Certification, a joint effort between the ACI and TCA to develop educational and testing resources for industry professionals.

Experienced in the process and educated on the latest innovations, the project managers with Bob Moore Construction company can work with you to see if tiltwall is right for your project, and manage the process from design to completion with your needs, schedule and budget in mind.

More Information on Tiltwall Construction

The websiteTiltup.com features a wide range of information about tilt-up construction, including

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